Do Web Hosts Affect SEO?

If this is your first time getting your own website, chances are that you have a lot of questions in mind. Things like SEO, SEM, Page Rank, CMS, traffic, etc. The truth is, you shouldn’t be questioning yourself about all of this unless you’ve already got a web hosting service and a domain name. Domain name could affect your SEO, big time so you have to make sure that you can pick the perfect domain name for your website. However, that knowledge is a no brainer. Of course you’d like a domain name that can be easy to remember and relevant to your business.

What is often overlooked is the web hosting service. People would create a plan to choose the best domain name, then create a three-month long plan to build the site from the ground up and another three-month plan to fill it with content, gather visitors, improve SEO, etc.

There is really nothing wrong with that, in fact, coming up with plans is a great way to ensure that your website can be of great success. What’s important, which is the very first step and is often neglected, is choosing the correct web host and web hosting plan. Not choosing the correct web hosting plan can lead to site downtime, slow loading or perhaps security issues, all of which could be of great impact to your website. Some sites can get away with shared hosting, however for larger sites or media heavy sites a cheap windows VPS or a dedicated server may be a better option.

SEO, Your Website and The Hosting

Search engine optimization encompasses a lot of different fields. There are technical fields such as your website’s code, how JavaScript, CSS and HTML are presented and written and your server. Then, there’s the written field or just what I would like to call it. Things like your website’s content – are they informative and valuable to the reader? Are your contents optimized? Does your articles, site name, meta description and article titles targets a specific keyword? Do you make sure that you don’t spam target keywords?

Now we get back to the earlier part. As you’ve learned, the technical aspect of SEO also includes your webhost. What does this mean to you? If your webhost can’t provide compression algorithms like gzip, your website will slow down. If your web host can’t provide that, your website will load slowly and Google will penalize your site – which greatly affects page rank. Another thing to consider is Google’s Page Speed Insight’s “Reduce Server Response Time” suggestion. If you test your website using this tool, if your web hosting server is slow, then you Google will suggest you improve it.

Therefore, in a nutshell, yes, web hosts affect SEO. You should choose a fast and reliable web host to improve your SEO.

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