1. What is web hosting?
    1. Web hosting is the process of hosting a domain name and/or its contents on a web server owned by a hosting provider. There are three basic levels of hosting: shared, VPS and dedicated.
  2. What is a web server?
    1. A web server is a computer that is always connected to the internet. This is where website contents are stored and retrieved/served when there is a request for them coming from a client computer (a web browser/surfer) from across the web. It is more powerful than an average desktop PC and is also far more expensive to purchase and to maintain.
  3. What is Shared Hosting?
    1. Shared hosting option is the cheapest hosting option that most hosting provider offers. This often offers decent performance for small to medium sized website getting small traffic. In this hosting option, you share a server to multiple other users and your website’s performance could be impacted by your neighbor sites. Therefore, this is best for blogs and small community.
  4. What is VPS Hosting?
    1. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Like shared hosting option, you share a server to different users, but there will be fewer of you and you will never actually share server resources because each user is pre-allocated with a specific amount of computing resources each. This is great for high traffic medium sized websites like popular blog with interactivity, community with a good amount of members and the like.
  5. What is Dedicated Hosting?
    1. Dedicated hosting is the highest level of hosting service that many web hosts offer. When you get a dedicated server, you basically rent-out a whole server for your own use. You are free to do what you want except hosting illegal files and services on it. The web host will offer maintenance and troubleshooting.